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Rock Art Tour Trails

The Nature Reserve, established in 1983, is the largest protected archaeological area of Valcamonica. Its rock art, recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage in 1979, is the depiction of an epic story: the story of human beings’ lives in Prehistory, from the Late Neolithic (5th millenium BCE) until well into the historical age (with many engravings made in the Middle Ages, especially in the area of Campanine). A pre-writing language that delivers ancestral messages even today.

The tour of the Reserve starts at Nadro’s Didactic Museum (where visitors will find the ticket service, information area, reception, cafè, bookshop, and audio-guides in Italian and in English – click here for further information), from where it is possible to choose one of the many trails running through the Reserve, with access from Nadro di Ceto (Foppe), from Cimbergo (Campanine – Figna), or from Paspardo (Plas – Capitello, In Vall, Sottolaiolo).

The tour itineraries allow, in a few hours or several days (according to the visitors’ needs), to admire the many aspects of the Reserve: rock art, archeology, ethnography, and its typically Alpine natural environment.


Check the itineraries at the following links, where you will also find a desciption of the three areas and their marvelous engravings!


The routes:

Foppe di Nadro

Campanine di Cimbergo