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Museum and tourist facilities

Didactic Museum of Nadro

Courtyard of the Didactic Museum in Nadro (Ceto)The Didactic Museum is located in the medieval village of Nadro. In its premises are located the ticket office and the information and reception centre, where visitors will find audio-guides (in Italian and English), maps, and depliants to understand rock art. Moreover, the Museum also has a bookstore and a cozy café.

The Museum also organizes laboratories (mainly aimed at schools and children, but not only), during which it will be possible for visitors to learn anew or to improve their manual skills.

The Museum also offers accurate guided tours in English, only on reservation.

Rock art tour trails

One of the rocks in the Reserve, next to an explanation panel The paths in the Natural Reserve are periodically maintained and well indicated; moreover, the engraved rocks are accompanied by descriptive panels (both in Italian and in English). The paths are immersed in the greenery, allowing visitors to enjoy the many aspects of the Reserve–rock art, archeology, ethnography, and environment.

Remember, it is forbidden to leave the paths.

Didactic area of Foppe di Nadro

Reconstruction of an ancient building inside the ReserveA didactic area has been set on the path of Foppe di Nadro, equipped with a picnic area, a small fountain, toilets, a simulated archaeological excavation (only accessible with the Museum personnel), and the recontructions of some ancient shelters and buildings: a Mesolithic shelter, a Neolithic hut, and an Iron Age Rhaetian house.

Open-air exhibition in Sottolaiolo

Engravings depicting warriors in Sottolaiolo

In the area of Sottolaiolo (Paspardo) visitors will find a small open-air museum, with facilities that allow the visit to people with visual or physical impairments.


Small exhibition dedicated to the Cimbergo Castle

Photograph of the Castle in Cimbergo by nightInside the town hall of Cimbergo, a small exhibition displays with photos, archaeological evidence, and reconstructions the results of the archaeological excavation that was carried out in the nearby Castle.